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How to remember a friend on Valentine's day?

Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14. Originating from the United States, Valentine's day is a day of love that is more commonly known as Valentine's Day in Finland, when we remember dear friends and colleagues. As Valentine's Day approaches, many people think about what they could do on Valentine's Day and what would be the best ways to remember a friend. We put together a couple of tips for a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Send a postcard

A domestic postcard with a sweet picture is sure to be a pleasant surprise for a friend or spouse. For example, attach a small letter between the cards and tell your friend why you appreciate him. Check out stationery suitable for Valentine's Day here . You can also give the card as a gift card for, for example, joint cup coffees. If your friend lives further away, what if you sent the friend a card and slipped a magnet or cute stickers in the envelope.

Give a little gift

In addition to a card, on Valentine's Day you can give a friend or spouse a small gift that you have chosen just for them. Maybe a funny sticker or magnet, a small notebook, a notepad or a beautiful pen. When looking for a Valentine's Day gift, the thought is the most important, and even a small gift brings enormous joy to the recipient.

Write dates on a calendar

If you want to make a little extra effort in front of your spouse or friend, get a calendar where you can already mark joint dates. Write the time, place and activity for each month. For example, for a joint walk, cooking, playing or whatever you come up with.

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Lovely Valentines Day!


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