Collection: Guestbooks and diaries

Guest books and diaries are valuable tools for recording memories and sharing feelings. The guest book is a place where friends and relatives can leave their greetings and memories, whether the occasion is at a cottage, at home or, for example, at a wedding. It's a beautiful way to capture moments and get a lasting memory of special moments in life.

Especially at a wedding, the guest book is an important element, where the greetings and good wishes of the wedding guests are collected. This guest book also serves as a beautiful memory of the atmosphere of the wedding and the love shared by friends and family.

The guestbook is perfect for a cottage party or a summer gift. It offers an opportunity to capture shared moments and create lasting memories with loved ones.

Putinki's selection also includes high-quality diaries for various needs. One line a day books have become popular, in which you write a short thought about the day and your own feelings every day. This way you can easily follow your own development and remember important moments in your life.

In addition, our selection includes traditional diaries as well as locked diaries that offer the opportunity to write and share your thoughts safely and confidentially.

And of course, we also have charming Moomin guest books, perfect for those who love the beloved characters created by Tove Jansson and their adventures