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In our selection you will find a wide selection of A5 size notebooks with illustrations by domestic illustrators and Moomin illustrations. Our selection also includes notebooks from foreign suppliers, such as Nuuna , Paperblanks and Roger la Borde. For lovers of bullet journaling , our selection includes a wide selection of bullet notebooks! Use the notebook as a diary, for example, or write the morning pages in it. Whether you needed a dot notebook, a lined notebook or a notebook with blank pages - we have them all!

Great A5 and A6 size notebooks , are the perfect way to organize thoughts, take notes, plan future projects and stick to goals! Selecting popular Putinki Design notebooks with minimalistic and beautifully whimsical illustrations.

You know that feeling when you want to keep your thoughts organized, but you don't want a bound notebook or a notebook that's too open? Here come the saviors: dot notebooks ! They offer the perfect balance between freedom and order - and they have quickly gained popularity. The dot notebook offers a huge space for your creativity. You can draw, paint, make handwritten fonts – whatever inspires you! The dots provide a visual cue for direction and even spacing, but the rest is entirely up to you artistically.

Notebooks with lined pages provide a clear framework for writing. You can keep the lines straight and make sure your words are organized and easy to read. Use the notebook as a diary or write to-do lists and schedules. This way you can mark tasks, schedules and goals clearly and efficiently.

Notebooks with blank pages give you the opportunity to create your own patterns, drawings and words without ready-made frames. You can let your imagination run free and produce unique works. You can add colors, clip art, texture and other elements that reflect your personality. Use blank pages to sketch and organize ideas. You can draw maps, diagrams, and concept maps to organize your thoughts.