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Moulin Roty is a delightful French brand that has charmed families with children around the world for decades. Known for its high-quality and creative products, Moulin Roty offers a versatile selection of children's toys and craft supplies that inspire imagination and bring joy to both young and old children.

Coloring books and sticker packs

Moulin Roty's coloring books are full of beautiful and inspiring images that entice children to pick up their pencils and let their creativity flow. The sticker packs, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of patterns and characters that you can use to decorate coloring books or create your own stories.

Story lamps and transfer images

One of Moulin Roty's most unique products is the story lamp, which projects images onto the wall and creates atmospheric moments for telling evening tales. With transfer images, children can easily transfer wonderful images to paper or other surfaces, which provides fun and creative pastime.

Glitter wands and puzzles

The dream of little magicians, Moulin Roty's glitter magic wands bring a touch of magic to games. These beautiful wands sparkle and twinkle, creating magical moments. Puzzles, on the other hand, develop children's problem-solving skills and offer fun for the whole family to do together.