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Calendars, weekly diaries or almanacs, wall calendars, family calendars and slim pocket calendars help you stay efficient and organized. They help you visualize the passage of time and plan in advance. Choose the calendar that suits you from Puting's wide selection. Here you can find high-quality calendars and almanacs from favorite Finnish illustrators such as Moomin, Henna Adel, Mira Mallius, Hidasta Elämää, Konsta Punkka. As well as selected foreign calendars from Paperblanks. The selections include the super popular Moomin wall calendar and a novelty calendar from Kreetta Järvenpää, whose beautiful Flower Pictures have graced the weekly diaries.

Weekly planners ensure efficient time management and stay up to date on all important events and tasks. The weekly diaries have clearly marked dates and calendar openings. They provide space to write the day's most important tasks, meetings and other notes. Choose a weekly diary that brings inspiration, motivation and beautiful pictures to everyday life.

Wall calendars are a great way to prominently display the calendar in your home or office. They offer a clear overview of the months with illustrations by domestic illustrators. Wall calendars help you plan long-term events such as vacations, parties and other important days.

Family calendars are especially useful for families with multiple people and different commitments. They offer a convenient way to keep the schedules of all family members in one place. Family calendars have separate columns and space for five family members so that everyone's schedule can be clearly seen. This way you can plan joint events and keep all family members informed about upcoming expenses.