Collection: Origami papers

Origami papers offer the opportunity to create beautiful and versatile paper objects using the traditional Japanese art of folding, origami. In our selection, you will find different patterns and a colorful selection of paper sheets designed by the well-known Rico Design. Each pack contains 50 sheets, and each sheet is 15 x 15 cm. The paper is light, weighing only 70 g, which makes it ideal for folding origami.

Making origami is a fun and relaxing activity that offers the opportunity to create a variety of paper objects, such as animals, plants, objects and geometric shapes. Combining skilled craftsmanship and creative design, origami allows you to express yourself and develop subtle fine motor skills.

Making origami is also a great way to relax and focus on the moment, and it is suitable for hobbyists of all ages and skill levels. Beginners can start by folding basic models and gradually progress to more complex models. With the help of origami, you can create beautiful and delicate objects that can serve as both decoration elements and gifts for your loved ones.