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Children's cards are lovely ways to celebrate children's birthdays, name day greetings and special years. In our selection you will find a versatile selection of cards that are suitable for both small and older children.

Cards for young children are colorful and cheerful, with funny animal motifs, cute characters or playful illustrations that bring joy and smiles to the day of celebration. These cards often emphasize playfulness and adventure, which makes them especially suitable for children. Anniversary cards offer a fun way to celebrate children's growth and achievements. In them, the child's age is amusingly disguised on the card. At Puting, you can find age cards from one year old up to nine years old. We also have a selection of cards for older children.

Whether it's a birthday, name day or other celebration, children's cards are a great way to convey warm thoughts and congratulations to children. Check out our selection and find the perfect card for your special day!