Collection: Healing Stones And Crystals

Healing stones and crystals are known for their ability to give strength and support in various life challenges. These beautiful and natural stones offer energy, peace and balance in the middle of everyday life. Each stone is carefully packed in a beautiful cloth bag, which also contains a message and additional information about the stone and its properties. This makes power stones an excellent gift or personal talisman.

Various healing crystal sets

  1. Agate

    • Agate is known for its balancing and protective energy. It helps ground and stabilize emotions.
  2. Aventurine

    • Aventurine is a stone of happiness and prosperity. It increases self-confidence and brings positive energy.
  3. Rose quartz

    • Rose quartz is a stone of love and compassion. It opens the heart and promotes emotional healing.
  4. Sodalite

    • Sodalite improves communication and helps express oneself more clearly. It also supports spiritual growth and intuition.
  5. Citrine, rock crystal and calcite (orange)

    • Citrine brings joy and success, rock crystal strengthens the energy field and calcite stimulates creativity.
  6. Aventurine, agate and rock crystal

    • This combination brings balance, happiness and energy. It is a complete set for general well-being.
  7. Amethyst, howlite and agate

    • Amethyst calms and promotes mental clarity, howlite relieves stress and agate brings balance.
  8. Dalmatian jasper, tiger's eye and labradorite

    • Dalmatian jasper promotes playfulness, tiger's eye strengthens courage and labradorite opens the mind to new perspectives.

The use and benefits of healing crystals

Healing crystals can be kept with you in a small cloth bag, on your desk or bedside table. They can act as meditation aids, bringing peace and concentration. Power stones are also a great way to add positive energy to your home or workplace.

The message and additional information that comes with each stone helps to understand the unique properties and uses of the stone, making them more personal and meaningful.

Healing crystal sets as a gift

Power stone sets are the perfect gift for a friend, family member or yourself. They offer both beauty and practical benefits, helping to cope with life's challenges and bring more joy and balance to everyday life.

Order your own healing crystal set

Find your own set of power stones and experience the power and balance they bring. Discover a wide selection of different power stones and choose the right set for you or your loved one. Power stones are nature's own way of bringing positive energy and supporting your life.