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Wedding cards are beautiful and meaningful gifts for a wedding couple, an engaged couple or a married couple. They are a way to express congratulations and share warm thoughts in honor of the celebration. In our selection, you can find a wide selection of different wedding cards in Finnish, Swedish and English, so you can choose the card that best suits the wedding couple's needs and preferences.

A beautiful wedding poem written on a wedding card can leave an unforgettable memory for the wedding couple and bring joy even years later. You can choose a poem that touches the hearts and describes the moment of love and happiness of the wedding couple.

A money envelope is a convenient way to give a gift note or gift card to a wedding couple. It gives them the opportunity to choose exactly the kind of gift that will make them happy the most and complement their future life together.

If you want to give a personalized wedding gift, you can consider, for example, a bottle of champagne or vintage wine, to which you attach a beautiful bottle card. Such a gift is both festive and practical, and it creates a memorable moment at the wedding couple's banquet table.

Remember that wedding cards can also be used as wedding invitation cards, so you can choose a card that fits your wedding invitations. Whether you are present at the wedding party or not, the Wedding Card is a beautiful way to show warm thoughts and congratulations to the wedding couple at the beginning of their new life.