Pääsiäiskoristeita paperista

Easter decorations from paper

In the heat of spring, the mind needs cheering up and color in the interior. Easter eggs made of paper are a fun thing to do for the Easter holidays and create a cheerful atmosphere in the interior of the home.

For easy Easter decorations you only need paper, pen, scissors, glue and thread. In Puting's selection, you can find a lot of patterned craft cardboard from Paper Poetry , which are perfect for various craft projects. These decorations used Paper Poetry's Graphic papers , whose delicious colors fit well with the Easter theme.

First, shape the egg-shaped model pieces on the cardboard, which will help you get eggs of the same size. For example, you can make two of different sizes to get smaller and bigger decorations. Cut five pieces of eggs from the cardboard into one decoration and fold them in half in the middle. Glue the sides facing each other but leave the last side unglued so that you can glue the wire in between before gluing the last paper joint.

Put the wicker cats in a vase and hang the decorations on the branches. The easiest Easter decorations are ready!


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