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Gifts under 30 euros can be just as valuable and meaningful as more expensive gifts, and they are perfect for many different situations. Here are some gift ideas:

A beautiful notebook: A quality notebook is always an appreciated gift, and is great for students and creative writers alike. Choose a beautiful and stylish notebook for your friend, where he can record his thoughts and notes.

High-quality fountain pen: Kaweco fountain pen is an excellent choice as a gift. It combines an elegant design with a high-quality writing feel, and is a sure choice for anyone who appreciates a good writing instrument.

Fun reflectors: Reflectors are practical and safe gifts that also bring joy to everyday life. Choose a personal and fun reflector for your friend that stands out from the crowd.

Magnets: Magnets are versatile and delightful gifts. For example, you can choose a cute and colorful magnet that is suitable as a fridge decoration or to brighten up your desk.

These gift ideas under 30 euros are sure choices that will delight the recipient and suit many different situations and personalities.