Collection: Condolence cards

Are you looking for a beautiful and precious way to express your condolences in a moment of sadness? Check out our domestic funeral addresses, which are the perfect way to remember and honor your loved ones when you cannot attend the funeral yourself.

Our addresses are carefully designed and produced, offering a comforting way to express your sympathy. A4 size addresses bring a sophisticated touch and have a lined tab for easy writing. A beautifully finished silk ribbon and silver foiling add elegance, while bringing comfort in the midst of grief.

The blank inner page of our addresses gives you the opportunity to express your feelings and memories in a personal way. Each address is prepared with care and love so that it would be a precious memory for someone who has lost a loved one.

In addition, each condolence address includes a suitable envelope, which makes sending it easy and hassle-free. Being from Finland is a matter of honor for us, and that's why our mourning dress is carefully designed and manufactured in Finland.

Let our mourning dresses be your tribute and support your loved ones in difficult moments. A beautiful gesture that leaves a lasting memory.