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A bullet journal, or bujo for short, is a flexible and creative way to organize everyday life. It is based on a simple but effective method of using notations and symbols to record various tasks, events and memos. Bujoilu gives you the opportunity to create an individual calendar that exactly matches your lifestyle and needs.

All you need for bullet journal is a notebook and a pen, but many hobbyists also use various craft supplies, such as stencils, stickers and quality pens, to highlight and decorate their pages. Bullet journal you can use your creativity and express yourself by drawing, writing and decorating your pages as you wish.

With bullet journal, you can keep a calendar, make notes, set goals and monitor progress in different areas of life. In addition, it offers a space to store your own ideas, memories, dreams and to-do lists. Therefore, bullet journal is more than traditional keeping a calendar - it is a way of using the calendar flexibly in managing one's life and in creative expression.