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Putinki's wonderful Christmas products! Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas card, stylish packaging for your Christmas gift or fun advent calendars, we have something for every taste. Also a selection of different Christmas gift ideas.

Send warm Christmas wishes to your loved ones with beautiful Finnish Christmas cards from our selection. Old-fashioned Christmas cards for those who like traditional Christmas cards and modern Christmas cards. These cards will bring a smile to the recipient's face. Choose a card that looks like you and convey the joy of Christmas to your friends and family. More affordable Christmas card packages are also available.

Packaging is an important part of gift giving, and we have everything you need to conjure up beautiful packages. Our selection includes high-quality stickers that you can use to personalize gift wrap and give your packages a personal stamp. In addition, we offer various gift ribbons and bags, which make the packages even more attractive and stylish.

The excitement of waiting for Christmas grows day by day as you open one small door at a time. In our selection, you can find a wide variety of paper advent calendars - traditional old-fashioned Christmas calendars and popular Moomin Christmas calendars. Choose your favorite and let the anticipation of Christmas bring joy to every day.