Collection: Nuppu Print Company

Nuppu Print Company, or Nuppu Design, is a Finnish company that specializes in fabrics and prints. Nuppu Design's products are full of beauty and nature, and they are designed to reflect the inspiring power of northern nature.

Flowers, fairy tales and animals are a central part of Nuppu Design's story. In the patterns, you can see beautifully depicted flowers that remind you of rich summer gardens. Fairytale characters come to life in Nuppu's prints, inviting you to an adventure and a world of stories.

The background of Nuppu Design's fabrics and prints is a passion for Finnish craftsmanship and high-quality materials. In the collaboration collection made with Putinki, you can find Christmas cards designed by Nuppu Print Company, which are printed on high-quality paper and made in Finland. As well as high-quality Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags. Beautiful patterns offer customers durable and unique products that tell the story of the beauty of the Nordic region and evoke emotions.

Whether you are looking for wonderful Christmas cards and beautiful wrapping paper for Christmas packaging, Nuppu Print Company is your choice for lovers of Finnish creativity and natural beauty. Welcome to explore our selection and dive into the magical world of Nordic nature.