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Home decor items are a way to bring personality and atmosphere into your home. From our selection, you'll find a versatile range of home decor products that suit various interior styles and preferences.

Posters are popular decorative elements that bring color and joy to walls. From our collection, you'll find plenty of posters from Finnish illustrators such as Henna Adel and Tove Jansson. Popular Moomin posters are perfect for a child's room wall, and you can complement the look with suitable poster rails.

Fun Pickmotion magnets are a great way to decorate your fridge door or other metal surfaces. Our range includes various magnets with different themes and images that bring a touch of fun to everyday life.

Keep pens and papers organized with different pouches and canvas bags that are both practical and beautiful decorative elements. Pouches and bags are excellent storage solutions and help keep small items organized.

Home decor items give you the opportunity to express your own style and create a cozy and inviting environment. Explore our range and find inspiration for decorating your home!