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Planners, i.e. weekly journals, are practical tools for managing and planning everyday life. With them, you can clearly structure and schedule the week's events, tasks and expenses in one place.

In Puting's selection you will find a versatile selection of planners for different needs. The A4-sized weekly views offer enough space to plan the entire week's expenses and tasks in a clear and easy-to-outline format. You can also use Planner to create a reading schedule or other time planning.

Our selection also includes planners with removable pages, which makes their use even more convenient and flexible. This way you can easily take the pages you need with you and leave the others at home.

In addition, we offer meal planners, which allow you to plan the menu for the week in advance and ensure that cooking goes smoothly and according to plan.

In Puting's wide selection, you can also find other necessary equipment and tools for everyday management, such as to-do lists, notepads and password books. With these, you can keep all the necessary information organized and easily accessible.